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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 7 (Online Voting & Results) Live

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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is available on this Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote & Voting Percentage website. Save your favorite Telugu bigg boss season 7 contestant from elimination by voting in the Bigg Boss Telugu nomination poll. The Big Boss Telugu Season 7 Voting Results and Voting Survey is now online.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Princeyawar Contestant Princeyawar Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Subhashree Contestant Subhashree Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Rathika Contestant Rathika Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Teja Contestant Teja Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for GouthamKrishna Contestant GouthamKrishna Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Priyanka Contestant Priyanka Selected


Contestant  Selected

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Today

You can find all the information regarding today’s Bigg Boss Telugu online vote, including the results, right here. We are providing you with all of the information you need to vote because many people are curious about how voting works.

Voting for Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Poll Status will be updated on a regular basis. The number of votes and percentage of votes received by each candidate will be clearly displayed. Only votes cast via Hotstar, online voting, and missed calls to the Star Maa numbers will be counted.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Voting Results Percentage (Week 4)

People must vote in large numbers for their favourite Bigg Boss contender to win. This page has a weekly Bigg Boss Telugu Nomination list and voting poll. Many viewers are interested in how the voting process works and voting-related information.

PositionContestantPercentageNo. of VotesMissed Call Number
1Teja24.12%4,812888 66 76 914
2Yawar21.81%4,352888 66 76 906
3Subhashree21.63%4,315888 66 76 913
4Priyanka13.31%2,655888 66 76 907
5Gautham10.52%2,098888 66 76 903
6Rathika8.62%1,719888 66 76 908

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Timings & Details

Show NameBigg Boss Telugu Season 7
Telecasted From5 September 2023
JudgeAkkineni Nagarjuna
HousematesTop 16 Contestants
TelevisionStar Maa
Show Timings10 PM on Mon – Fri
9 PM Sat -Sun
Show TypeReality-TV Show
Bigg Boss WinnerTBA
Winner Prize Money50 Lakh Indian Rupees
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants

2Adi ReddyActor
3Arjun kalyanPerson
4Arohi RoaTick Tok Famous
5Bala AdityaMovie Actor
7FaimaSerial Actress
8Geetu RoyalFarmer
9Inaya SulthanaDancer
10Keerthi bhatSocial Activist
11MarinaSocial Media famous, Guinness Record Breaker
12Neha ChowdaryActor
13Raj ShekarDancer
14RevanthActress in Telugu and Tamil
15Rj SuryaActor
16RohitActor in telugu Movies
17Shanni SalmonActor
18Sri SatyaActor

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Voting

The way to vote will be the same this year as it was last year and the year before that. At this time, the number of votes may go up because Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is getting more and more popular every year. The Bigg Boss Telugu TRP are also going up quickly every season. We’ve talked about Bigg Boss Telugu TRP Ratings so you know. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu.

There were a lot of guesses about who would host Bigg Boss 7 Telugu this time. Quite a few people thought that Daggubati Rana would be the Host. But at last, it’s official that Akkineni Nagarjuna will host the show again, and Kamal Hassan will host the vote for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.

Since 2019, Nagarjuna has been in charge of the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu show every week for the third time. Nagarjuna has just finished shooting the promos for Season 7 at Annapurna Studios.

We’re trying to answer most of the questions that people often ask about voting online for Bigg Boss Telugu. You’ll find out everything you need to know about the Host, the Contestants, the Voting Guide, Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Daily News, Episode Highlights, and how to watch Bigg Boss online, among other things.

Two options online and missed call can allow viewers to register votes. Check the results, missed call numbers, status and more below for more information about star maa bigg boss telugu vote. Housemates nominates for the expulsion two other participants each week; hence, the house member receiving the most nominations is required to participate in a public poll.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Process

Hotstar Vote

  • Download and use your Mobile number or Email Open Hotstar app
  • Go to the 4 Landing page of Bigg boss Telugu.
  • Telugu’s big boss page will show and the “vote” button is underneath the banner.
  • You can see nominated competitors after you click Vote Button. Select and cast your vote for the contestant.
  • Each person may vote and save 50 votes per day via email and mobile number.
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Through Hotstar Mobile App
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Through Hotstar Mobile App

Bigg Boss Google Voting / Vote Process

  • Google search “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote“.
  • You can see the list of nominated housemates on the resulting page. click your contestant to save from eviction and choose number of votes to poll.
  • To verify the vote, click Submit. Using the gmail account, 50 votes can be voted on each public day.

Vote through Missed Call numbers

Below are the list of Eviction missed call numbers to vote for your favourite contestants.

  • Call the missed call number below and you’ll be disconnected automatically.
  • This is then considered to be one vote.
  • With one mobile phone / number you can call ten missed calls in a week
Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Contestant NameMissed Call Numbers
Abhinaya Shree8886658201
Adi Reddy8886658202
Arjun Kalyan8886658203
Arohi Roa8886658204
Bala Aditya8886658205
Geetu Royal8886658208
Inaya Sulthana8886658209
Neha chowdary8886658212
Raj Shekar8886658213
Rj Surya8886658215
Sri Satya8886658218

Weekly Nomination List

Bigg Boss Season 5 Nomination list updated every week. Housemates will nominate each other contestant with some reason behind it.

Contestants Nominated For Week 1:

Jessie, Hamida, Sarayu, Maanas, Kajal, Sweta, Ravi

Contestant out of Bigg Boss House: Surya Kiran

Contestants Nominated For Week 2:

Noel Sean, Gangavva, Syed Sohel, Kalyani, Monal Gujjar, Amma Rajashekar, Kumar Sai, Harika, Abhijeet

Contestant out of Bigg Boss House: Karate Kalyani

Contestants Nominated For Week 3:

Monal, Harika, Devi Nagavalli, Lasya, Kumar Sai, Ariyana, Mehboob

Contestant out of Bigg Boss House: Devi Nagavalli

Nominated Contestants for WEEK 4

Harika, Abhijeet, Kumar Sai, Lasya, Syed Sohail, Meboob, Swathi Deekshit

Nominated Contestants for WEEK 5

Monal ,Lasya, Amma Rajshekhar, Sujatha, Ariyana, Noel, Abhijeeth, Akhil, Sohel,


Bigg Boss Telugu TRP Ratings

Bigg Boss Telugu has the highest TRP numbers of any reality show in any language. This is a record. The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, which was hosted by Nagarjuna, had the most viewers of any Bigg Boss show in 2022.

Forty percent of the people who live in Hyderabad watched the first episode of the fifth season of Naagarujuna. It got a 21.6 TRP Rating, which is 10% better than Season 5’s rating.

SeasonHostLaunch TRPFinal TRPWinner
Season 1Jr NTR15.18 TVR24.23 TVRSiva Balaji
Season 2Nani16.0 TVR14.05 TVRKaushal Manda
Season 3Naagarjuna16.92 TVR17.29 TVRRahul Sipligunj
Season 4Naagarjuna17.5 TVR20.7 TVRAbijeet
Season 5Naagarjuna17.71 TVR17.4 TVRVJ Sunny
Bigg Boss Non StopNaagarjuna18 TVR19 TVRBindu Madhavi
Season 6Naagarjuna18.86 TVR8.10 TRPRevanth
Season 7Naagarjuna19.10 TVRNATBA

Bigg Boss Telugu Latest News

Bigg Boss Telugu House rules

Bigg boss Season 5 telugu is differ from other seasons . Below are the rules for bigg boss telugu housemates have to follow in the house to stay for 100 days.

  • Bigg Boss Housemates does not talk to other member homes or nominees about the appointment process.
  • Unless permitted by the big boss, Housemates may leave the home at any time.
  • Contestant should not sleep anytime during the day
  • Contestant Bigg boss telugu should not attack other contestants or house stuff.
  • Housemates should not talk in English , Hindi, Tamil, Telugu only.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Nominations Week by Week

The 7th season of Bigg Boss Telugu will last about 105 days. The contestants must not leave the house for 105 days. Not everyone will stay until the day is over. Each week, one individual will be taken out of the running. The housemates choose between 2 and 5 people to be voted out. Whoever got the most votes from the housemates to be sent home will go to the public vote. Bigg Boss Telugu 7th Season will get rid of the candidates based on this on Sunday.

Every Monday, Bigg Boss Telugu calls the contestants one by one and asks them to name two people who they think should be kicked out of the house. Bigg Boss Telugu says that two people have been named, and then the public votes on them both.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Season will get rid of the person who gets the fewest votes in both forms on Sunday. Every week, this will be done.

Voting for the nominees starts on Monday night at 10:30 pm and ends on Friday before midnight. Sunday, the Host will tell the winner based on how many votes were cast.

Fans and people who watch the show can vote in three ways: through the Hot Star app, online voting, or a missed call. How to vote for Bigg Boss 7 Telugu explains in detail how to do each of the given things.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu House Captains

WeekHouse Captain
Week 1NA
Week 2NA
Week 3NA
Week 4NA
Week 5NA
Week 6NA
Week 7NA
Week 8NA
Week 9NA
Week 10NA
Week 11NA
Week 12NA

Bigg Boss Telugu Winners in all Seasons

Season 1Siva BalajiAadarsh
Season 2Kaushal MandaGeetha Madhuri
Season 3Rahul SipligunjSri Mukhi
Season 4AbhijeetAkhil Sarthak
Season 5SunnyShanmukh
Bigg Boss Non-StopBindu MadhaviAkhil
Season 6RevanthShrihan
Season 7Prashanth (Expected)Sandeep (Expected)

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Weekly Nominations And Eliminations

This Week Nominees : Abijeet
House Captain : Kumar Sai
This Week Luxury Budget Task : Ice Cream

Bigg boss season winner

Season 1 Winner – Siva Balaji
Season 1 Runner of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is – Aadarsh Balakrishna

Champion of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote and Season 2 is – Kaushal Manda
The other girl of Bigg Boss Elimination Season 2 Runner is – Geetha Madhuri

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3 Winner – Rahul Sipligunj
Season 3 Runner of Bigg Boss Telugu is – Sreemukhi

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 4 Winner – Abijeet Duddala
Season 4 Runner of Bigg Boss Telugu is – Akhil Sarthak

Bigg boss 5 winner – Sunny
Season 5 Runner of Bigg Boss Telugu is – Shanmukh

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 6 Winner – Revanth
Season 6 Runner of Bigg Boss Telugu is – Shrihan

You can reflect your active engagement in the Bigg Boss polls if you want to make your favourite contestant the winner of Bigg Boss Voting Polls.

Bigg Boss Telugu’s season 2 is also a big success. The Big Boss Telugu 2 premiered on June 10, 2018 and the Big Boss 2 was hosted by Nani. The Big Boss Telugu 2 lasted a very long time for 112 days and It’s known to be one of the longest reality TV shows in India.
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Winner was Kaushal Manda and the runner was Geetha Madhuri.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote also has elimination polls, a candidate recommended for elimination within a given week, then he or she will definitely be removed if he or she earns less votes than other candidates nominated for the specific week.

Who’s the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 (2020)?

The winner of Bigg Boss 4 is yet to be declared after 70 days, before a lot of elimination had taken place, we will update this segment when the winner is revealed.

Who got the highest votes in Big Boss 5 Telugu?

The results of the latest survey – Gangavva, Abhijeet and Lasya – are those with the most votes.

Who’s going to be eliminated in Bigg Boss Telugu this week?

The selection of the contestants relies solely on the viewer. If the majority of the crowd votes for a single contestant, the contestant will be protected from elimination and the other contestant with less votes will be eliminated. Checkout latest Bigg Boss Vote results here.

How much do the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants get paid/salary

Bigg Boss Telugu Seaon 4 Contestants are typically paid as per their success and value. If the participant is much more famous, he would be paid more than others who are less common.

Bigg Boss Telugu today’s live score vote Results

Checkout Bigg Boss Vote Result Page for live update

How to vote for Gangavva? Bigg Boss 4 Telugu?

Missed call 888 66 58 216 (Limit 10 daily Missed Calls). Check the Bigg Boss Telugu app and select Gangavva Profile and cast vote (Limit 10 votes a day).

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu How to Vote for Amma Rajasekhar

Give a missed call to 888 66 58 211, for a limit of 10 calls a day. To vote via the app 10 times, pick Telugu Bigg Boss and finally tap Amma Rajasekar profile.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu How to Vote for Harika

Send a missed call (maximum 10 phone calls daily) to 888 66 58 208. Select Bigg Boss Telugu and finally tap Harika ‘s profile to vote across the app Form 10 times.

How to Vote for Lasya in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Give missed calls to 888 66 58 203 to vote via mobile devices. Check for the Bigg Boss Telugu and cast your votes for Lasya to vote via app Login to the Disney + Hotstar android app (10 votes on a day basis).

How to vote for Abijeet in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Dial 888 66 58 204 for Missing Calls (Limit 10 Missing Calls daily). Open Hotstar app and search   for a Bigg Boss Telugu & vote your conscience for Abijeet (Limit 10 votes a day)

How to Vote for Sohel in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Elimination

Call or register for hotstar every day by casting 10 missed calls to 888 66 58 209, casting your 10 votes.

Bigg Boss 4 in Telugu, how to vote for Kumar Sai?

Call 888 66 58 217 (maximum 10 daily) to vote for Kumar Sai via Missed Call Service. Vote using Disney+ Hotstar app 10 times daily by clicking on your favourite contestant profile.

How to vote in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu for Swathi Deekshith?

(10) missed calls for phone voting on 888 66 58 219. Check the Bigg Boss Telugu and vote for Swathi with the Disney + Hotstar App Login and cast your vote. (Limit 10 regular votes).

How to Vote for Akhil Sarthak in Season 4 Bigg Boss?

Missed call 888 66 58 215 (Limit 10 daily Missed Calls). Check the Bigg Boss Telugu app and select Akhil Profile and cast vote (Limit 10 votes a day).

How to vote for Mehaboob? Bigg Boss 4 Telugu?

Call 888 66 58 206 (10 instances) every day to vote by missed call numbers method. Select Mehboob profile and tap 10 times a day to vote via the Hotstar app in the voting area.
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3 years ago

If Gangavva desires to continue, her will be a winner due to flooding votes

3 years ago

I vote for Noel sean

3 years ago

Bigg boss winner is abhijeet

1 year ago

I don’t like your attitude and
Your gaming skill is not right and god
Kajol new play in safe game this is not your home this is Big Boss home

1 year ago
Reply to  Nivas

Hate Kajol. She thinks it’s her parents place.

1 year ago

Sunny bb5 win avalli

1 year ago

Siri is not playing properly

1 year ago

For the bigg boss teem. Big boss Telugu 1,3&4 seasons are good Season 5 is ok trolling are not good they are trolling 5years girls also it is not good. Please control it. Thanks

Sandhya Pulapati
Sandhya Pulapati
1 year ago

i feel manas doesnot fit fot the house , he looks like a mentally challenged person.His looks , dance and everything. its like a torture to watch him in the show

1 year ago

Shanmukh bb5winnr



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