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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is back with end of season 3 were hosted by legendary actor Nagarjuna. Now, with the vote in season 4 and the vote online 2020, eviction today, contestants season 4 is available for public voting.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Kumar Sai Contestant Kumar Sai Selected

Kumar Sai

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Monal Gajjar Contestant Monal Gajjar Selected

Monal Gajjar

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for MehaboobDilse Contestant MehaboobDilse Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Lasya Contestant Lasya Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Harika Contestant Harika Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Devi Nagavalli Contestant Devi Nagavalli Selected

Devi Nagavalli

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Ariyana Glory Contestant Ariyana Glory  Selected

Ariyana Glory

Contestant  Selected

Your Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will be stored until the Colors tv elimination ends and cannot be deleted.

Fresh season of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is here. On July 21th, 2019 Bigg Boss Telugu 4 season has been started. As other seasons 16 celebrity from different categories contestants were participated. This Show is started telecast-ed in Maa TV with host Nagarjuna in replace of Nani for new season.

Except First week, each week nominations will be conducted to face Bigg Boss Telugu Vote poll for season 4 will be used to eliminate contestant from the house. Check out below for Bigg boss Telugu vote season 4 , How to vote online voting, Missed call numbers, Vote Results count and each week nominations details and their counts from hotstar.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Timings & Details

ShowBigg Boss Telugu Season 4
Premiere6 September 2020
HostAkkineni Nagarjuna
ContestantsTop 16 Contestants
ChannelStar Maa
Timing9.30 PM on Mon – Fri
9 PM Sat -Sun
GenreReality-TV Show
Prize Money50 Lakh Indian Rupees
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant List and details

4AriyanaGloryTick Tok Famous
5SyedSohelMovie Actor
6Devi NagavalliActress
7DiviSerial Actress
10HarikaSocial Activist
11KarateKalyaniSocial Media famous, Guinness Record Breaker
14Monal GajjarActress in Telugu and Tamil
16SuryaKiranActor in telugu Movies
17Kumar SaiActor and Comedian
18Avinash KallaActor and Comedian

How to vote Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Below is the steps for telugu big boss online voting: To vote your contestants first login or ready with gmail account.

How to vote using Hotstar

  • Download and use your Mobile number or Email Open Hotstar app
  • Go to the 4 Landing page of Bigg boss Telugu.
  • Telugu’s big boss page will show and the “vote” button is underneath the banner.
  • You can see nominated competitors after you click Vote Button. Select and cast your vote for the contestant.
  • Each person may vote and save 50 votes per day via email and mobile number.
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Through Hotstar Mobile App
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Through Hotstar Mobile App

Bigg Boss Telugu Google Voting / Vote Process

  • Google search , “Bigg Boss Telugu Voting” or “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or Click Here.
  • You can see the list of nominated housemates on the resulting page. click your contestant to save from eviction and choose number of votes to poll.
  • To verify the vote, click Submit. Using the gmail account, 50 votes can be voted on each public day.

Vote through Missed Call numbers

Below are the list of missed call numbers to vote for your favourite contestants.

  • Call the missed call number below and you’ll be disconnected automatically.
  • This is then considered to be one vote.
  • With one mobile phone / number you can call ten missed calls in a week
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant NameMissed Call Numbers
Akhil Sarthak8886658215
Amma Rajasekhar8886658211
Ariyana Glory8886658210
Syed Sohel8886658209
Devi Nagavalli8886658207
Noel Sean8886658213
Karate Kalyani8886658212
Mehaboob Dilse8886658206
Monal Gajjar8886658201
Surya Kiran8886658202

Weekly Nomination List Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

Bigg Boss Season 4 Nomination list updated every week. Housemates will nominate each other contestant with some reason behind it.

Contestants Nominated For Week 1:

Abhijeet,Akhil Sarthak, Surya Kiran, Mehboob,Divi, Gangavva, Sujatha

Contestant out of Bigg Boss House: Surya Kiran

Contestants Nominated For Week 2:

Noel Sean, Gangavva, Syed Sohel, Kalyani, Monal Gujjar, Amma Rajashekar, Kumar Sai, Harika, Abhijeet

Contestant out of Bigg Boss House: Karate Kalyani

Contestants Nominated For Week 3:

Monal, Harika, Devi Nagavalli, Lasya, Kumar Sai, Ariyana, Mehboob

Contestant out of Bigg Boss House: TBA

Bigg Boss Telugu house and voting rules

Bigg boss Season 4 telugu is differ from other bigg boss seasons . Below are the rules for bigg boss telugu housemates have to follow in the house to stay for 100 days.

  • Bigg Boss Housemates does not talk to other member homes or nominees about the appointment process.
  • Unless permitted by the big boss, Housemates may leave the home at any time.
  • Contestant should not sleep anytime during the day
  • Contestant Bigg boss telugu should not attack other contestants or house stuff.
  • Housemates should not talk in English , Hindi, Tamil, Telugu only.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Weekly Nominations And Eliminations

This Week Nominees :
This Week Captain :
This Week Bigg boss vote Luxury Budget Task :

Bigg boss Telugu winner season 1, season 2, season 3

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 1 Winner – Siva Balaji
Season 1 Runner of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is – Aadarsh Balakrishna
Champion of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote and Season 2 is – Kaushal Manda
The other girl of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Runner is – Geetha Madhuri
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 1 Winner – Rahul Sipligunj
Season 1 Runner of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is – Sreemukhi

You can reflect your active engagement in the Bigg Boss polls if you want to make your favourite contestant the winner of Bigg Boss Voting Polls.

Bigg Boss Telugu also has elimination polls. When a candidate has been recommended for elimination within a given week, then he or she will definitely be removed if he or she earns less votes than other candidates nominated for the specific week.

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7 days ago

If Gangavva desires to continue, her will be a winner due to flooding votes

7 days ago

I vote for Noel sean

4 days ago

Bigg boss winner is abhijeet



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