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Bigg Boss Telugu Week 4: Mehboob, Swathi, Kumar Sai to get out of house as votes are fast closed.



Bigg Boss Telugu Week 4 results

Big g Boss 4 Telugu Elimination Week 4 Will be resolved tomorrow, a total of seven contestants participated in the elimination and two contestant participants are on the danger region. The risk of exclusion from voting is high for Mehaboob and Swathi because of low voting.
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4th Elimination Week 4 Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Abhijeet (Secure) – 1245100 Votes
Harika (Secure) – 931370 Votes
Lasya (Secure) – 873600 Votes
Kumar Sai (Chance of Elimination) – 862500 Votes
Mehboob (Chance of Elimination) – 862300 Votes
Swathi Deekshit (Opportunity for high disposal) – 791350 Votes
Sohel (Opportunity for high disposal) – 792290 Votes

The audiences will vote online or by calling missed the numbers below for their favourite contestants in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. The House will be discarded this weekend to receive the least votes, by the time the votes close.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Srihan Contestant Srihan Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for SriSatya Contestant SriSatya Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Rohit Contestant Rohit Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Revanth Contestant Revanth Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Keerthi Contestant Keerthi Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for AdiReddy Contestant AdiReddy Selected


Contestant  Selected

Your Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will be stored until the Colors tv elimination ends and cannot be deleted.

Elimination results of Bigg Boss4 Telugu Online Voting

This weekend, four contenders are at risk of being abolished, here are the final results of the referendum. Bigg Boss Vote Result for the new stats and vote for your preferred candidates in order to save money from disposal.

Who is at risk of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 week 4 elimination?

In week 4, Kumar Sai, Sohel, Swathi Deekshit and Mehboob are endangered.

Who in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu week 4 is safe from elimination?

This week, Ahijeet, Lasya and Harika are safe.

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