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Sreerama Chandra, Shailaja Priya and three others are nominated for eviction in week 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu 5.



Bigg Boss Telugu Week 3 Nominations

The week three naming task has been the most dramatic so far with a big fight between Shailaja Priya, Ravi, Lahari and others. Lahari, Priyanka, Maanas, Sreerama Chandra and Shailaja Priya were nominated for deportation in the third week.

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Lahari didn’t spend enough time with her, but was busy with all the “men” in the house. Priya also said she saw Ravi and Lahari kissing in the bathroom at midnight. Ravi and Lahari condemned the accusation which led to a bad fight between them.

Priya was elated when Ravi later denied commenting on Lahari. Their dispute was resolved with Priya clarifying her intention and apologizing to Ravi, his wife Nitya, and Lahari.

bigg boss telugu cover season 5
bigg boss telugu cover season 5

On the other hand, the appointment task saw a discussion between Hamida and Priyanka. The latter considered that Hamida gave “lame” reasons for the appointments. Even when Jaswanth aka Jessie mentioned Nataraj, Nataraj claimed that he (Jessie) had been influenced by someone.Nataraj also belittled Jessie by calling her a “child”. Vishwa and Nataraj also had a verbal quarrel during the mission.

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While five candidates were nominated for expulsion, Lahari was nominated for the first time. The appointment task was followed by a fun candidate for the task captain



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