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Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4 Online Voting: 7 Week 4 Candidates, who will be eliminated?



Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Week 4 Nominations

The fourth week of big TRPs will be the Bigg boss Telugu 4. It’s game on and contestants battle it to survive in the house right from the first episode. Applicants will ‘heat’ their opponents’ images for the 4th week of their removal nomination.

The game has been well resolved and the players take their future seriously at Bigg Chief. In Bigg Boss four Telugu, Surya Kiran was the first candidate to be excluded. The second athlete to be disqualified was Karate Kalyani. Bigg Boss 4 Telugu was defeated for the third time by Devi Nagavalli.

Bigg boss vote now online today
Bigg boss vote now online today
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Princeyawar Contestant Princeyawar Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Subhashree Contestant Subhashree Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Rathika Contestant Rathika Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Teja Contestant Teja Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for GouthamKrishna Contestant GouthamKrishna Selected


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote  for Priyanka Contestant Priyanka Selected


Contestant  Selected

Your Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will be stored until the Colors tv elimination ends and cannot be deleted.

Week 4 Fourth Elimination Task Highlights Bigg Boss Telugu

The selection task this week includes recruiting contestants for a contestant, Syed or Akhil. This week, any competitor who first joins the hitman ‘s room has the opportunity to nominate his competitor for the fourth elimination.

The participants had a fiery and aggressive nature. This week’s removal will be heavily fought for survival. Interestingly , the results of the third withdrawal vote were Lasya in the Top 2 seats. The contestants who came into the room were Amma Rajashekar, Mehaboob, Ariyana, Harika and Sujatha. However, the removal this week will be an episode full of tension.

Telugu vote latest results
Telugu vote latest results

Nomination Task Results of Bigg Boss Telugu

The participants had to fight each other to go into the room of the hitmen first. The first seven contestants who hired the hitmen were nominated for the following photographs.

  • Rajashekar nominated Swathi
  • Mehaboob nominated Abhijeet
  • Ariyana nominated Lasya
  • Harika nominated Mehaboob
  • Sujatha nominated Kumar Sai

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Nominations List 4th Week

  • Abhijeeth
  • Harika
  • Kumar SaiLasya
  • Mehboob
  • Sohel
  • Swathi Dixit
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